ParetoLogic Privacy Controls Review

Keep Your Secrets Safe with the Powerful Privacy Controls Software!

Did you know that unless you are taking extra precautions, everything you do on your computer can be known by anyone else who uses the computer? This means every email you type, website you visit or chat session you participate in can be monitored by someone else. Deleting files is not enough to cover your tracks. The only way to really protect your privacy while using the computer is to run software like Paretologic’s Privacy Controls.

This powerful software uses a secure delete function which actually exceeds United States military standards. Using this software will permanently delete all traces of what you do on your computer – this includes data like search histories, tracking cookies, passwords, banking data, deleted files, hidden files and more. Anything that you do on your computer using programs like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Windows Live Messenger, AOL, Google Talk, Skype and email and webmail applications will be protected data.

Privacy Controls also removes all files and caches related to popular peer-to-peer programs like Livewire, Azuerus, Bit Torrent Client, Kazaa and Morpheus. It will even permanently destroy unwanted files associated with Adobe Acrobat and Macromedia Flash.

Is it Possible to Accidentally Delete with this Software?

The easy answer is NO. Privacy Controls implements an easy to use navigation which prompts you with clear messages anytime you are about to delete something accidentally.

What types of data can Privacy Controls Delete to Protect My Privacy?

Here are a few of the popular types of files that this great program can eliminate from your computer system:

  • Internet Browsing History (IE history and Firefox history).
  • Chat and IM History
  • Pictures and Other Types of Images
  • Music and Videos
  • Cookies and Other Hidden Files

Why Should I Download this Program?

The main reason is obvious – to protect your personal privacy when you use the computer. It is no one else’s business what you do on your computer. You should take extra precautions to make sure nothing embarassing or even dangerous happens with this data. Here are some other reasons to consider downloading Privacy Controls:

  1. It can delete or clear all Internet history data. This means no one will be able to know what websites you have visited or the time and data you visited them.
  2. It protects your private data such as passwords and PIN codes associated with banking and credit card data.
  3. It deletes all files associated with peer-to-peer download sites and applications such as LimeWire, Morpheus, Kazaa, Bit Torrent, uTorrent, Azureus and others.
  4. It erases all histories associated with Instant Messaging and Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) applications such as AOL, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo IM, Google Talk, Skype and others.
  5. It Permanently Deletes any unwanted or hidden videos or multimedia files such as WMV, DivX, QuickTime, AVI, RealPlayer and more.
  6. It Can Permanently Delete any unwanted or hidden photo or image files such as GIF, JPEG, TIF, PNG and more.
  7. It Easily Deletes histories assoicated with popular email clients like Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Thunderbird and PocoMail.
  8. Erases all cookies and browsing history in all popular web broswers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, AOL, Netscape and others.
  9. It can delete any sensitive or unwanted history data from popular toolbars like Google and Yahoo.

Can I Try this Software Out for Free Before I Buy?

YES you can! The great folks at ParetoLogic actually prefer that you run the software before you make a purchase to ensure you really want it. Click the image below to download it right now for FREE!