Clean Surfer Review

clean-surfer.gifNow that you are home, you think that you have the leisure to surf the internet in private. However, have you ever thought that surfing the internet today is not so private anymore?

Although you might think that deleting files from your computer and clearing your internet history can erase all evidence of what you have been doing on the internet, you need to think again. Everything is logged in and encrypted in your computer’s database.

From the moment you start your computer to the moment you shut it down, every little thing you do in your computer will be recorded. To make it much scarier, you also need to remember that when you delete files and when you empty the recycle bin, the file will still be in your hard drive which can be recovered by a good data recovery software program.

Today, there is a software program that can help you protect your privacy. It can also protect your job, reputation, family, and friends. This software is called the Clean Surfer. With this software you will see that it will be able to delete everything that you do in the internet by deleting your browser cache files, the browser history, and also the browser cookies.

However, Clean Surfer knows that it is not enough to delete the mentioned files to protect your privacy. It will also delete the Windows secret index .dat files where everything that you do in your computer is logged in.

There are a lot more features that can give you to protect your privacy. So, if you want a proven software program that can help you protect your privacy, then you should get the Clean Surfer software.

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