Delete Search History Permantently with Privacy Controls

Why it’s safe to delete search history permanently with Privacy Controls!

b-privacy-controls.gifSome people may ask why it’s safe to delete their search history permanently with Privacy Controls.  They may even be hesitant to do it, in case they delete a password or user ID from a logged session.  In all actuality, the feature many browsers have of saving searches is an inconvenience.  Especially if it gets in the wrong hands.  Say, for instance, you do a search for something you want to buy.  Say you find it and pay for it with your credit card.  If someone can follow your trail starting at any point here, they can wind up with your credit card number.  Next thing you know, someone else is spending your money.

So now it’s plain to see the need to have a program like Privacy Controls.  This program can not only erase your search history, but also your browsing history, user IDs and passwords, plugins from various online programs, tracking cookies, everything.  To take it a step further, though, this program meets and beats the US Military’s standards.  It erases and overwrites everything that could be used against you.

With all this, it sounds highly technical.  The best thing of all about this offering from ParetoLogic is that it’s user-friendly.  You don’t have to worry about whether or not a file you’re removing is essential.  You don’t have to search for the right buttons.  They’re all right there.  This is, over all, the best thing out there in protecting your privacy. Click Here for More on ParetoLogic’s Privacy Controls!

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