Delete Old Files Permanently

Privacy Controls for deleting old files permanently

b-privacy-controls.gifPrivacy controls is a very good tool to remove unwanted files from the system. These files may include temporary internet files, or old files present on your computer which you want to delete permanently. These files are required to be delete permanently to free disk drive space or because of security issues.

Privacy controls  is really helpful in deleting files beyond recovery. This help the user to maintain a healthy hard drive and also free unnecessary space . This utility is also helpful in removing all the searched content in your computer and in the web browsers. This features helps the user to make the searches confidential from any other user on the same terminal on which the user originally searched the content.

Privacy controls  also helps us in removing old files from the computer which are using unneccessory space in the computer or which are liable to be exposed if any other person accesses them. This tool helps in deleting the files beyond any kind of recovery possible with any kind of disk utilities or some other applications. This tool gives user an option to select the file to be deleted through a very good interface. Then it asks for the method which needs to be adopted for the deletion purpose. This tools includes three modes for deleting the file. First with single iteration shredding second with 3 iteration shredding and last and the safest with 7 iterations. This makes file totally unrecoverable by any means.

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