Evidence Nuker Review

Leaving No Traces of Evidence with Evidence Nuker!

evidence-nuker.gifHave you ever considered that using your own computer and surfing the internet can also mean compromising your privacy? If you haven’t, then you need to remember that your computer is also a recording device that will record every activity you do with your computer as well as record everything that you do online.

You also need to remember that talented programmers are not the only ones who will be able to retrieve this data, but you need to remember that even regular people, such as your friend, your boss, your spouse or even your children and just about anyone who has access to your computer will be able to know what you have been doing online and also offline.

Whatever you do in the internet is your business and nobody else’s. This is why you need to be responsible for your own privacy. If you don’t want anyone to know about your online activities, then it might be a good idea to install the Evidence Nuker Software in your computer.

With this software, you will be able to erase, destroy, or nuke everything that counts as evidence on what you have been doing online.

The Evidence Nuker software will be able to detect and erase everything from web browser history, emails, temporary internet files, video and audio files that you got from the internet, search histories, saved passwords and usernames, cookies, to chat transcripts and more.

So, if you are worried about your online privacy, then the Evidence Nuker software is definitely for you.

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