Delete Files from Your Computer Permanently

Permantently delete files with Privacy Controls!

Privacy controls is a very useful utility that can be used for many purposes. This software helps the user in deleting files permanently frob-privacy-controls.gifm the computer so that they can not be further recovered from any find of recovery softwares or disk utilities.

Privacy controls is also used for removing unnecessary values from the system like searches in browsers, temp internet files and searches in windows also which are usually saved in our registry and can be retrieved later on.

It helps in making the files which are having crucial data non visible to any other person who might be working on the same computer as the last user was working, so sometimes it becomes really important to delete such files much may be containing personal or classified data about some topic or about some person.

Privacy controls helps us in securing our data from any one else with all means possible. This software asks for the file to delete and then asks for a n option shred. This option helps us in deleting the files permanently. Even after that we have an option to delete the file in more than one iteration. This option is available in the advanced shred option available on the main screen of the window. This option gives user the option to shred the file in 3 or 7 iterations which makes the file totally unrecoverable and hence making out data totally secure.

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