Delete Internet Explorer Search History

Privacy Controls for deleting internet seached content

b-privacy-controls.gifPrivacy Controls is a very efficient tool for clearing up your system. This tool helps the user to delete all kind of records that are left over after searching or putting data on to a system. This tool can delete the old files residing on a system and also can help in deleting the files permanently from the computer which are required to be deleted and not to be recovered under any circumstances due to privacy reason or due to authentication or security issues.

Privacy Controls completely removes such files beyond the access of any recovery software which are available in market or are coming with various disk drive utilities. This tool also helps in removing the searched content from the computer as well as from the web browser on which the content was searched initially. While scanning your computer it checks all the stored values for the web browser for the searched content and calculates the searched content. Then it asks the user whether the user wants to delete the content or not to delete.

If the user tends to delete the content then the content is removed and searched content history for the internet is cleared on the selected web browser. This is required to make the internet searches private and  confidential on the shared computers where there is a risk of losing the searched content due to several reasons. But Privacy Controls will help you make your searched content totally private.

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