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Delete Internet Explorer Search History

Privacy Controls for deleting internet seached content

b-privacy-controls.gifPrivacy Controls is a very efficient tool for clearing up your system. This tool helps the user to delete all kind of records that are left over after searching or putting data on to a system. This tool can delete the old files residing on a system and also can help in deleting the files permanently from the computer which are required to be deleted and not to be recovered under any circumstances due to privacy reason or due to authentication or security issues.

Privacy Controls completely removes such files beyond the access of any recovery software which are available in market or are coming with various disk drive utilities. This tool also helps in removing the searched content from the computer as well as from the web browser on which the content was searched initially. While scanning your computer it checks all the stored values for the web browser for the searched content and calculates the searched content. Then it asks the user whether the user wants to delete the content or not to delete.

If the user tends to delete the content then the content is removed and searched content history for the internet is cleared on the selected web browser. This is required to make the internet searches private and  confidential on the shared computers where there is a risk of losing the searched content due to several reasons. But Privacy Controls will help you make your searched content totally private.

Delete Browsing History Permanently

b-privacy-controls.gifCuriosity is a human instinct, where it makes one to create inventions, it can also create nuisance for others.  It all depends how this instinct is used.  Mostly this instinct is used in knowing things where one does not even care if they are stepping on someone else’s shoes.  This is directly linked to people wanting to know what others people do, what they eat, what sites they surf, who their friends are, etc.  If any of the individuals who cannot respect other’s privacy then definitely some measures need to take place in order prevent such.

It is a common practice among computer users who want to know what sites the other individuals visit.  To feed their curiosity, they pull up the browser and all the different sites are checked, which is nothing but putting their nose in a business where it does not belong.  What options are there to prevent such?  The best option thus far as advised by many computer gurus throughout the world is to have Privacy Tools.  Privacy tools offer a host of functions that keeps the curious people from getting any valuable information.  People who do not have this software, they are just vulnerable against threats that they cannot even imagine.

Privacy Tools is an advanced software that has a very simple interface and very easy to use.  Its basic purpose is to delete all the files that different programs keep as a record in them or as temporary files.  It deletes all such information.  If someone wants to keep their privacy, they must have this amazing software, which will run on the computer and collect all the information of these cached files.  The users can then go through the files stored by various programs and can delete the information that they want to delete.  So another person when works on that same computer, they would not be able to tell what sites were visited or what files were opened in various programs.  Isn’t it amazing?  Privacy Tools will do it all for you.

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Privacy Guardian software Review: Hiding Secrets!

Do you spend sleepless nights worried that someone might discover your personal internet activities? Do you feel scared in accessing certain sites lest someone might come to know? Do you know that in spite of you deleting your personal items from your PC, a trace of them is still left behind? But now with the Privacy Guardian you can keep your secrets a secret! The Privacy Guardian is a fast and simple way to erase your internet activity and history traces that are stored in hidden files and browser of your PC. Read more…

How to Delete Cookies and Clear Cache on Your Computer

When you browse the internet, bits and pieces of it will be stored in your computer for a number of days. The primary purpose of temporary internet files is to speed up browsing whenever you visit a particular website. Because your hard drive already has the particular file, you will not have to wait for it to load in your computer again.

delete-internet-history.jpgAlthough this may be very convenient, it will serve as a problem for people who doesn’t want to let anyone know about their internet activities or for people who are very cautious when it comes to their privacy.

With identity theft going rampant in today’s society with the internet as the criminal’s primary tool in acquiring your personal and financial information, you too would be concerned whether your privacy is protected or not. This is why it is important to remember that you need to be especially cautious when you put in your personal information in the internet. Even by just typing it in a website, it will still be able to store your personal information in your hard drive that some people will try to acquire.
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How to Clear Firefox Search History and Delete Search Information

Personal privacy is your right. It is not something that other people should neglect you with. Today, thanks to technology, you will see that communication and information can easily be acquired through the use of the internet. With just a click of the mouse, you will be able to send messages and search for information absolutely about anything at all.

delete-firefox-history.jpgIn fact, you can even do your shopping in the internet. With a credit card, you will be able to shop for absolutely anything that you want to have.

However, although you can have a lot of things with the internet, there is also a dark side of it that you need to be aware of. The internet today also serves as a tool for identity thieves to steal personal information that they can use to steal from you. By obtaining your personal information, they may be able to access your credit card account, your email, and also your bank account.

They are able to do this in several ways. One is by installing a spyware software program in your computer and the other is by hacking in your computer and taking a look at your internet search records.
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How to Clear Internet Explorer History and Delete Your Search Data

Sometimes, you can never help looking at websites that is forbidden to look at in your office computer. However, your boss is away and you have nothing to do. So, you open your emails and see that your friend sent you something that looks interesting. Knowing that it is illegal to look at it in your office, you still opened it.

clear-internet-explorer-history.jpgThis could be dangerous as it may jeopardize your career. Someone from the IT department may walk up to your office in order to update some software and decided to browse around your computer. If they come across your internet history folder, you could be in trouble as they will know what you have been up to aside from working.

Although this is the case, you have to consider that you can still delete or clear your Internet Explorer history and your search data by following these steps:

The first thing you need to do is click on start. Then go to programs and accessories and click on Windows Explorer. Here, you have to find the My Computer icon, click on it and it will show all the hard drives of your computer. Click on drive C and go to the documents and settings folder. Next, click on your user name (most will only have 1, which will be named all users). Once you opened this folder, click on tools on top of the window and click on folder options. Click on view tab and choose the one that says “show hidden files and folders”. Then, click on the radio button and click on apply.

You will see that in the Windows Explorer, extra folders and files will appear. Open the folder named “Local Settings”. Then, open the “Temporary Internet Files” folder. In here, you will see all the files that have been left behind when you browsed the internet. Delete what you need to delete.

As you can see, it is quite simple to delete your internet explorer history. Now, in order to delete the search data, you will need to open the Internet Explorer, click on “Tools” and select “Internet Options”. In the “Content” tab, delete click on the “AutoComplete” button and then click on “Clear Forms”. This will delete the browsing history as well as the keywords you typed in search engines.

If you find all of these things complicated, you can try getting a special software program that can delete the internet history files of your Internet Explorer. The great thing about these types of software programs is that not only will it be able to delete the internet search and browsing history but it will also allow you to permanently delete it from your hard drive. This means that even if someone uses a data recovery software program, they will never find a thing as it is permanently deleted from your hard drive.

Everything from pictures, to documents, to URL and even the search data will be erased.

Remember these things and you can be sure that you will be able to maintain your privacy. Always remember that deleting your web browser history and search data doesn’t only work as a way to keep your privacy. However, it is also a great way to prevent identity theft from happening to you. So, if you wish to keep your web browsing to yourself, you should try and clear your Internet Explorer history and search data by following the mentioned tips.

Erase Internet History: How to Delete Internet, Web and Search Browser History

In today’s modern society, the computer and the internet is considered as one of the most important tools in people’s everyday lives. Millions of people use it everyday to make their everyday lives easier. While there are some people who use it for entertainment, you have to consider that most use this technology for business transactions and for communication.

internet-search-history.jpgWith these benefits, who can ever deny that computers and the internet are indeed very useful tools in people’s everyday life?

However, before you start using it, you have to consider that the internet is also a very dangerous place to be in. If you still don’t know about it, you have to remember that hackers and identity thieves may already be accessing your internet activities.

It is a known fact that you have a right to privacy. This is why it is important that you should know how to erase your browser’s internet history. Today’s browser will always have delete internet history tools that may come in handy. However, you have to consider that this is not enough to delete traces of your internet activities as it will still be recorded in your hard drive. So, in order for you to permanently delete your internet activity history, you need to have a special internet eraser software program installed in your computer.
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How to Clean a Hard Drive to Remove Private Search Information

Lots of people use the internet for many reasons. However, one of the most common reasons why people use the internet is for communication. With emails, Instant Messengers and online chatting, you will be able to keep in touch with family, friends, and even your business associates.

clear-search-history.jpgMany people also use the internet for shopping. With just a credit card and being a member of an online shopping website, you will be able to shop for anything from your groceries to real estate.

Whatever you do with the internet, you have to remember that it is always important that you should be careful when you are using it as there may be eyes looking at your internet history files.

When you browse for something in the internet, you need to remember that it will be recorded in your hard drive. All you internet activities will be recorded in your hard drive in the internet history folder or in the temporary internet files folder.
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Search Engine History Data: How to Delete Google, Yahoo, Dogpile and Other Search History

If you used Google, Yahoo, Dogpile or other search engines before, you will see that your past searches will still be recorded once you start typing on the search box. Sometimes it can be convenient, but other times, it can be quite annoying.

browser-history-delete.jpgIt is convenient as you will never have to type the whole word or words again when you want to search for the particular keyword in the internet again. All you need is to select the prerecorded word or words and off you go. This can be great if you forgot the spelling of the particular keyword you plan on searching for or if you forgot the keyword and all you know is the first three or four letters of it.

It can be quite annoying as you may have typed a less-than-attractive keyword that your kids may come across when they use the computer. It can be adult site-related keyword and it is certainly a keyword that you don’t want your kids or spouse to find out about.
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