Cerberus Security Guard 2.5 Review

The Cerberus Security Guard  is your answer to privacy needs. Did you know that your internet activities can be monitored by a person who accesses your computer? Were you aware that what you do on your computer can easily be visible to your boss, wife, co-worker or another person snooping on your computer. You computer is like a storehouse of information of all your online and offline activities. Your privacy is at risk.


Enter Cerberus. This software acts like a security guard at the door of your computer. Whats more this guard does not charge since Cerberus Security guard is freeware. It is just over 2 mb in size and does not take up too much of your disk space. Lets see what it does.

It takes care of your Windows security and privacy settings professionally. How does it do this? It offers you a central console with which you can make adjustments and observe security related data. In addition, you can optimize services and main applications of the OS. You can control IE and Firefox and fine tune Media player. This free tool should be a part of your software arsenal if you don’t own a paid privacy software.

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