1st Privacy Tool for Windows

If you have been surfing sites that might compromise your happiness if discovered, you need software that can cover your tracks. You could be married and surfing sites that would make your partner unhappy. Alternatively you could be an employee and your computer activities if discovered could see you losing your job. In these circumstances what you need is a Privacy Software. One such Privacy Software is 1st Privacy Tool for Windows.

This powerful security utility lets you restrict access to Windows resources that are crucial. Your computer can also be kept orderly with this utility that is easy to use. Every one cannot access your data as there are access restrictions you can set. Each individual component of several control panel applets can be access protected. These components include Display Network, Passwords, Printers and System.


Your boot keys can be disabled, and the same can be done to DOS programs, registry editing as well as network access. Your desktop icons can be hidden as well as individual drives, taskbar features and start menu items. This way no one can tamper with your desktop. No one can run unwanted programs on your computer with this powerful software on your side. You can also limit working time of users.


You can disable individual menu items, and stop anyone else from editing the Favorites, as well as restrict access to IE browser options. Your computer can record who uses it and when if you want. With the admin pass, no one but you will be able to run this program and change settings or uninstall it. There is also an import export function which allows you to set the same settings on different computers.


This intuitive and easy to use program will cost you $34.95 should you buy it.

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