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Delete Old Files Permanently

Privacy Controls for deleting old files permanently

b-privacy-controls.gifPrivacy controls is a very good tool to remove unwanted files from the system. These files may include temporary internet files, or old files present on your computer which you want to delete permanently. These files are required to be delete permanently to free disk drive space or because of security issues.

Privacy controls  is really helpful in deleting files beyond recovery. This help the user to maintain a healthy hard drive and also free unnecessary space . This utility is also helpful in removing all the searched content in your computer and in the web browsers. This features helps the user to make the searches confidential from any other user on the same terminal on which the user originally searched the content.

Privacy controls  also helps us in removing old files from the computer which are using unneccessory space in the computer or which are liable to be exposed if any other person accesses them. This tool helps in deleting the files beyond any kind of recovery possible with any kind of disk utilities or some other applications. This tool gives user an option to select the file to be deleted through a very good interface. Then it asks for the method which needs to be adopted for the deletion purpose. This tools includes three modes for deleting the file. First with single iteration shredding second with 3 iteration shredding and last and the safest with 7 iterations. This makes file totally unrecoverable by any means.

Delete Files from Your Computer Permanently

Permantently delete files with Privacy Controls!

Privacy controls is a very useful utility that can be used for many purposes. This software helps the user in deleting files permanently frob-privacy-controls.gifm the computer so that they can not be further recovered from any find of recovery softwares or disk utilities.

Privacy controls is also used for removing unnecessary values from the system like searches in browsers, temp internet files and searches in windows also which are usually saved in our registry and can be retrieved later on.

It helps in making the files which are having crucial data non visible to any other person who might be working on the same computer as the last user was working, so sometimes it becomes really important to delete such files much may be containing personal or classified data about some topic or about some person.

Privacy controls helps us in securing our data from any one else with all means possible. This software asks for the file to delete and then asks for a n option shred. This option helps us in deleting the files permanently. Even after that we have an option to delete the file in more than one iteration. This option is available in the advanced shred option available on the main screen of the window. This option gives user the option to shred the file in 3 or 7 iterations which makes the file totally unrecoverable and hence making out data totally secure.

Delete Search History Permantently with Privacy Controls

Why it’s safe to delete search history permanently with Privacy Controls!

b-privacy-controls.gifSome people may ask why it’s safe to delete their search history permanently with Privacy Controls.  They may even be hesitant to do it, in case they delete a password or user ID from a logged session.  In all actuality, the feature many browsers have of saving searches is an inconvenience.  Especially if it gets in the wrong hands.  Say, for instance, you do a search for something you want to buy.  Say you find it and pay for it with your credit card.  If someone can follow your trail starting at any point here, they can wind up with your credit card number.  Next thing you know, someone else is spending your money.

So now it’s plain to see the need to have a program like Privacy Controls.  This program can not only erase your search history, but also your browsing history, user IDs and passwords, plugins from various online programs, tracking cookies, everything.  To take it a step further, though, this program meets and beats the US Military’s standards.  It erases and overwrites everything that could be used against you.

With all this, it sounds highly technical.  The best thing of all about this offering from ParetoLogic is that it’s user-friendly.  You don’t have to worry about whether or not a file you’re removing is essential.  You don’t have to search for the right buttons.  They’re all right there.  This is, over all, the best thing out there in protecting your privacy. Click Here for More on ParetoLogic’s Privacy Controls!

Cerberus Security Guard 2.5 Review

The Cerberus Security Guard  is your answer to privacy needs. Did you know that your internet activities can be monitored by a person who accesses your computer? Were you aware that what you do on your computer can easily be visible to your boss, wife, co-worker or another person snooping on your computer. You computer is like a storehouse of information of all your online and offline activities. Your privacy is at risk.


Enter Cerberus. This software acts like a security guard at the door of your computer. Whats more this guard does not charge since Cerberus Security guard is freeware. It is just over 2 mb in size and does not take up too much of your disk space. Lets see what it does. Read more…

1st Privacy Tool for Windows

If you have been surfing sites that might compromise your happiness if discovered, you need software that can cover your tracks. You could be married and surfing sites that would make your partner unhappy. Alternatively you could be an employee and your computer activities if discovered could see you losing your job. In these circumstances what you need is a Privacy Software. One such Privacy Software is 1st Privacy Tool for Windows. Read more…

Email Privacy 3.1 Review

The Email Privacy program is a shareware and costs $49. Is it worth it? Lets find out. What you need to know is that sending emails is not a simple process. When you send a mail, first they go to your ISP rather than your recipient’s mailboxes. Your ISP stores all your email messages somewhere on its mail servers. Then these messages are delivered with copies of your messages left in the database. All of this information can be used against you, potentially. Read more…

Advanced Encryption Package 2008 Professional 4.8.2 Review

File encryption is done basically as a tool of stealth. You don’t want others to see your files so you encrypt them. Sometimes it is necessary to send an encrypted file to someone. Most encryption programs allow you to send encrypted files. The USP of Advanced Encryption Package 2008 Professional is it’s flexibility.


For your protection you can create self encrypted files. In addition, you can create self decrypting version of the files that can be run by others even though they don’t need AEP2008 PRO. There is a file shredded included that erases the contents of original files. Integration with Windows Explorer is smooth and Explorers context menus can easily be used so you don’t have another window cluttering the screen.

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AceErase Review

If you want a file shredder and privacy tool that is easy to use, then check out AceErase. Several strong file shredding algorithms are present in this great software. It protects your privacy by clearing file history, recycle bin, files, folders, free space, cache and more. It cant even be recovered.

It has a “shred your tracks” feature lets you shred everything from one convenient place. In addition system performance is improved tremendously. All the temporary files which are scattered around your computer are erased with the help of AceErase.

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Advanced Tracks Eraser Review: The Advanced Way to Erase Your Tracks

You have a spy in your house and it isn’t the CIA or KGB! It is your own computer. All your activities on the computer are stored in it’s hard disk. If someone gets their hands on your computer, they can see where you have surfed, the images and movies you have seen and all you have done on your computer. It isn’t easy to erase your tracks.

But now it is easy to do so. With the Advanced Tracks Eraser, you can find the ultimate solution to erasing your internet activities and traces of your activities on the PC. Not only does this app clean up your browsers cache, but also your cookies, history, recent document list and more. All this is done automatically.

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Privacy Control 2008.10.1.2

Perhaps you are unaware that every single activity of your computer is recorded. Whether you are running anti spyware or not doesn’t matter. Your computer always records it’s own activity. Who do you turn to for your privacy then? The answer is Privacy Control.

If someone has access to your computer and knows how to go about it, he can access your emails, your internet activity and more! The person doesn’t have to be a software king, even if they know the way around Windows, they can find out all this. This is why you need Privacy Control.
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