Smart Protector-Internet Eraser Software Review: Keep your secrets!

Do you spend sleepless nights wondering whether your wife or kid or boss might accidentally come across your private files on the computer? That they might discover what sites you have been surfing? Do you want to keep your secrets hidden? After all what you do and where you go is not anybody else’s business. The Smart Protector-Internet Eraser offers you the best privacy options and that too at just one click of the mouse.

 Now keep those prying eyes away and protect your personal data on all Windows systems, be it Internet Explorer, AOL, MSN, Netscape or FireFox. You can even erase files completely using this. If you choose the correct settings, you can use the computer and then leave it making it look as if it was never touched in the first place. Handy isn’t it! To make sure your internet tracks are well hidden, the Smart Protector-Internet Eraser erases files such as internet History, internet Cookies, temporary internet files, Index.dat files, IE start page, typed URLs, recent documents, files in the Recycle Bin and Windows Temporary folders etc.

 Additional options to maintain your internet privacy are features such as scheduled tasks (so that you don’t forget to delete files), Stealth mode (only you know what you have been up to), SP Internet Eraser Cookie Manager (select which cookies to erase), Emergency Key (close personal internet explorer windows quickly); erasing recent file information from your media player, protecting your home page setting and File shredding that ensures that files once deleted cannot be recovered.

 The Smart Protector-Internet Eraser guarantees 100 percent customer satisfaction and full refund within 60 days if you are still unsatisfied. Be smart and get it now!



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