How to Clear Internet Explorer History and Delete Your Search Data

Sometimes, you can never help looking at websites that is forbidden to look at in your office computer. However, your boss is away and you have nothing to do. So, you open your emails and see that your friend sent you something that looks interesting. Knowing that it is illegal to look at it in your office, you still opened it.

clear-internet-explorer-history.jpgThis could be dangerous as it may jeopardize your career. Someone from the IT department may walk up to your office in order to update some software and decided to browse around your computer. If they come across your internet history folder, you could be in trouble as they will know what you have been up to aside from working.

Although this is the case, you have to consider that you can still delete or clear your Internet Explorer history and your search data by following these steps:

The first thing you need to do is click on start. Then go to programs and accessories and click on Windows Explorer. Here, you have to find the My Computer icon, click on it and it will show all the hard drives of your computer. Click on drive C and go to the documents and settings folder. Next, click on your user name (most will only have 1, which will be named all users). Once you opened this folder, click on tools on top of the window and click on folder options. Click on view tab and choose the one that says “show hidden files and folders”. Then, click on the radio button and click on apply.

You will see that in the Windows Explorer, extra folders and files will appear. Open the folder named “Local Settings”. Then, open the “Temporary Internet Files” folder. In here, you will see all the files that have been left behind when you browsed the internet. Delete what you need to delete.

As you can see, it is quite simple to delete your internet explorer history. Now, in order to delete the search data, you will need to open the Internet Explorer, click on “Tools” and select “Internet Options”. In the “Content” tab, delete click on the “AutoComplete” button and then click on “Clear Forms”. This will delete the browsing history as well as the keywords you typed in search engines.

If you find all of these things complicated, you can try getting a special software program that can delete the internet history files of your Internet Explorer. The great thing about these types of software programs is that not only will it be able to delete the internet search and browsing history but it will also allow you to permanently delete it from your hard drive. This means that even if someone uses a data recovery software program, they will never find a thing as it is permanently deleted from your hard drive.

Everything from pictures, to documents, to URL and even the search data will be erased.

Remember these things and you can be sure that you will be able to maintain your privacy. Always remember that deleting your web browser history and search data doesn’t only work as a way to keep your privacy. However, it is also a great way to prevent identity theft from happening to you. So, if you wish to keep your web browsing to yourself, you should try and clear your Internet Explorer history and search data by following the mentioned tips.

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