How to Bypass Internet Filters to View MySpace, YouTube and Others at Schools and Work

Whenever you are at work or school and you have nothing more to do, you can’t help but wander around the internet to find out about things. You want to check your emails, view videos in YouTube, visit your MySpace account and basically anything that can keep you entertained and let time pass.

bypass-internet-filters.jpgHowever, most companies and schools today use internet filters in order to prevent users from accessing websites that they consider inappropriate. In companies, they use this in order to keep their employees productive and to concentrate on work rather than wandering around the internet that is not work related at all. In schools, they use internet filters in order to prevent students from using the computer to entertain themselves or socialize with their friends on the internet rather than study or research.

All in all, internet filters really mean no harm. It is just used to ensure companies and schools that their workers or students are not doing anything outside the boundaries. It also serves as a security system in order to prevent people from visiting websites that may contain spyware or computer viruses that can eventually harm the computers.

However, if you mean no harm and you just want to check your emails or you want to check your messages on MySpace and other online community websites, or if you just want to keep yourself entertained after finishing work or after studying by visiting YouTube and other harmless video sharing websites, then you might want to bypass these internet filters.

So, the next question would be how can you bypass internet filters as it is guaranteed to prevent people from entering restricted sites?

One of the most common solutions for this question is by using an anonymous proxy server. With an anonymous proxy server, you will be able to get around the internet filter. It is a loophole in the system that you can use in order to bypass the internet filter. Basically, an anonymous proxy server will acts just like a middle man. It will be the one that will enter restricted websites and not exactly you. Anonymous proxy servers will be the ones that will be identified by internet filtering software and will let it “think” that it is not you who is accessing the restricted websites.

There are basically other ways to bypass internet filter software programs. However, most are complicated to do. If you want the easiest way to bypass internet filters, the anonymous proxy server is your best option.

Today, there is quite a lot of anonymous proxy server software that you can download from the internet and install in the computer.

As you can see, it is quite simple to bypass internet filters. With an anonymous proxy server, you will be able to get around the internet filters. With it, you will make the internet filters think that you are not the one accessing restricted websites.

So, if you are getting bored at work or school and that you already finished what you need to do, why not try accessing restricted websites, such as YouTube, MySpace, and other websites that is considered to be safe to keep yourself entertained? With anonymous proxy server, you will see that you will be allowed to view such websites even when there is an internet filter software program installed.

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