AceErase Review

If you want a file shredder and privacy tool that is easy to use, then check out AceErase. Several strong file shredding algorithms are present in this great software. It protects your privacy by clearing file history, recycle bin, files, folders, free space, cache and more. It cant even be recovered.

It has a “shred your tracks” feature lets you shred everything from one convenient place. In addition system performance is improved tremendously. All the temporary files which are scattered around your computer are erased with the help of AceErase.

The drag and drop interface is easy to use. There are many helpful features in this software and if you want data destroyed, then this is the software to use. Identity theft is nothing to fear anymore and your privacy is kept safe with this great software.

Files deleted from your recycle bin are just hidden and can be recovered using data recovery software. Reformatting the hard drive may not completely destroy data. This makes identity theft easy.  To protect yourself you need a great privacy software like AceErase.

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