Advanced Encryption Package 2008 Professional 4.8.2 Review

File encryption is done basically as a tool of stealth. You don’t want others to see your files so you encrypt them. Sometimes it is necessary to send an encrypted file to someone. Most encryption programs allow you to send encrypted files. The USP of Advanced Encryption Package 2008 Professional is it’s flexibility.


For your protection you can create self encrypted files. In addition, you can create self decrypting version of the files that can be run by others even though they don’t need AEP2008 PRO. There is a file shredded included that erases the contents of original files. Integration with Windows Explorer is smooth and Explorers context menus can easily be used so you don’t have another window cluttering the screen.

In addition there is also military grade encryption to make your files private. There are 17 encryption algorithms included in this one. Public-Private Key cryptography is supported. One key is private and the other is public. Either key may encrypt a message but only the corresponding key can decrypt it. Skins technology is supported. USB flash drives can store protected passwords.


Privacy Master can clean all personal traces on the computer – this is a new module in this version. The cost of this fantastic shareware is $49.95.

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