Advanced Tracks Eraser Review: The Advanced Way to Erase Your Tracks

You have a spy in your house and it isn’t the CIA or KGB! It is your own computer. All your activities on the computer are stored in it’s hard disk. If someone gets their hands on your computer, they can see where you have surfed, the images and movies you have seen and all you have done on your computer. It isn’t easy to erase your tracks.

But now it is easy to do so. With the Advanced Tracks Eraser, you can find the ultimate solution to erasing your internet activities and traces of your activities on the PC. Not only does this app clean up your browsers cache, but also your cookies, history, recent document list and more. All this is done automatically.

There are also free plugins which allow you to clean the tracks of up to 50 popular apps. You can render ACDSee, RealOnePlayer, Windows Media Player, Recent Documents, WINZIP, Acrobat Reader and much more, safe. All kinds of history saved on your computer can be deleted. Windows temp files can also be deleted.

Imagine the repercussions of your visiting adult sites and this being found out. It is probably a better idea to invest the $29.95 in this shareware and render your computer safe.

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