Email Privacy 3.1 Review

The Email Privacy program is a shareware and costs $49. Is it worth it? Lets find out. What you need to know is that sending emails is not a simple process. When you send a mail, first they go to your ISP rather than your recipient’s mailboxes. Your ISP stores all your email messages somewhere on its mail servers. Then these messages are delivered with copies of your messages left in the database. All of this information can be used against you, potentially.

Email Privacy is a system tray local SMTP server program for Windows that allows you to send email messages from your PC direct to the recipients mail box. This ensures privacy of your email as well as security. Your ISP’s mail servers are bypassed and your information cannot be stored and used. When sending messages to a number of recipients, they can see each others email ID’s. Email Privacy sends the group emails individually.


All email programs like Outlook Express, Outlook, Eudora and such are supported by Email Privacy. This program is simple to setup and easy to use. With an intuitive user interface and excellent documentation, this is a no brainer to use. Get Email Privacy if you send sensitive emails. Most of us do.


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