History Sweeper 2.99 software Review: Keeping your secrets a secret!

Are you aware that your Windows keeps a hidden record of all your PC activities, including files you might have opened, emails you may have sent, and websites that you might have visited and even your private logins and passwords etc.?What you don’t know is that despite you taking steps to delete files, browser history, cookies, search terms etc., your PC keeps this information hidden and unseen. And what is even scarier is that this vital information is available to anyone who gains access to your PC, be it a colleague, employer or family member. This gives rise to not just privacy but also security concerns.

 The History Sweeper software does a deep, professional cleaning of your computer’s hard drive. It is quick, simple and easy-to-use and assures you a peaceful sleep knowing that your private activities and information are being well protected. The history of your activities that your PC maintains also impacts the speed of your computer, impinging upon valuable disk space. History Sweeper is a pro at maintaining programs, allowing more efficient mapping, saving storage space and improving the general performance of your PC in the Process. 

This software works with Windows 98, 95, ME, Vista, XP and 2000.  Priced at $29.95, the History Sweeper not only protects your personal information but also enhances your system performance. It is great for both novice and professional users and requires no complicated technical knowledge.


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