Mil Shield 6.3 Software Review: Protecting your Privacy!

You computer is like God.It knows everything. Sounds ridiculous? Trust me, it is true. Every time you watch a movie, view an image, surf the internet or open a document etc. your computer takes note of it. And it’s really easy for your wife, boss or kid to access this information on your computer because of the traces you leave behind. But Mil Shield 6.3 is the perfect way to maintain your privacy and delete all possible traces of your personal computer activities.

 Mil Shield allows you to work, browse or just entertain yourself with your computer without any concerns or fear. It supports automatic cleaning on Windows shutdown or startup and closing of Internet Explorer, selective cleaning up of  your internet browsing tracks( including history, cookies, index.dat files and temporary internet files), panic key(also known as boss key) and complete support for multiple user accounts.

Mil Shield is also adept at cleaning the toolbar history of MyWaySearch and Google. To save your time, after initial configuration it works on install-and-forget mode.

 Other significant features of Mil Shield include support for Windows Vista, Internet Explorer 7, cleaning up of Opera tracks, Apple Safari tracks, Firefox tracks as well as automatic cleaning. It comes with a built-in scheduler with advance cleanup scheduling options. The Mil Shield has various other features that assist you in keeping your information private.

 So, its time you bid goodbye to all your worries regarding your sensitive information and enjoy a wholesome computing experience.

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