Privacy Defender Software Review: Protecting your Privacy!

Your personal activities on the internet or on your computer are no one’s business but your own. Privacy Defender ensures that it remains so and prying eyes are kept away. This software protects your computer against basic privacy threats and does a competent job of cleaning your system. Simple to use, the handy interface lets you clean files rapidly and access programs via the icon tray.

The clean up session can only be started once all browser windows have been closed. Apart from deleting your Internet Explorer history, cache and browser cookies, the Privacy Defender also removes DAT files that store your private information which is usually not possible without restarting the system. However the software lacks support for alternative Web browsers, something that its competitors offer.

Other features include accessing a web site without the URL address getting added to your browser’s address field. It cleanly zaps your temporary folders, Windows documents and RealPlayer files. But then again, it lacks a secure file shredder and support for third-party applications such as P2P and IM clients. It offers only a five day trial period which is much less than what others in the field have to offer.

Priced at $14.99, Privacy Defender is a decent option in case all you need to do is protect your PC against average privacy traps.


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