Privacy Guardian software Review: Hiding Secrets!

Do you spend sleepless nights worried that someone might discover your personal internet activities? Do you feel scared in accessing certain sites lest someone might come to know? Do you know that in spite of you deleting your personal items from your PC, a trace of them is still left behind? But now with the Privacy Guardian you can keep your secrets a secret! The Privacy Guardian is a fast and simple way to erase your internet activity and history traces that are stored in hidden files and browser of your PC.

The Privacy Guardian not only protects your confidential and personal information but it also enhances your system’s speed and performance. The Privacy Guardian is capable of cleaning up index.dat files, deleting cookies, cleaning the cache, erasing recent document history, deleting temporary files, erasing recent document lists, killing typed URLs, and emptying temporary folders and files etc. It also frees up space on your hard drive.           

The Privacy Guardian uses a step by step advanced eraser to make sure that all traces of your computer and internet activities are permanently deleted and can not be recovered on your PC. The common Web Browsers provide you with only partial protection as they only delete some cookies and temporary internet files. They do not completely erase all the data from hidden files and nor do they delete the data securely. The Privacy Guardian does all that and much more while keeping your information private.

It is priced at $29.95 and is a great purchase for both home and office users alike!


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