Privacy Inspector Review: Your Privacy is Yours

On the internet and even using a regular computer, privacy is a major concern. There is always the danger of a snooping co-worker, inquisitive boss or a wife who wants to know where you have been on the internet. A mistake made here could mean problems at work and in your personal life. Finally the solution to your computer privacy is here with Privacy Inspector. 

A product of Efreesky Software, Privacy inspector lets you breathe easy as to your whereabouts and usage of your PC. It cleans up your tracks left by Windows, your browser and other programs as well. In addition it improves computer performance and saves disk space. There are many reasons why you should own a copy of Privacy Inspector.

With this software your browsers cache and cookie files are permanently deleted. In addition, auto complete URL’s are deleted and disabled. You don’t have to worry about the recent documents list either as this is deleted as well. Your Find Files/Folders and Find Computer list is deleted from the Start Menu. In addition the privacy unfriendly aspects of many applications are done away with.

If you want to instantly clear all traces of your activity and close browser windows, all you have to do is press the Boss key. With a user friendly interface and multi language support this is one great software for your Privacy protection needs, yours for just $39.95 USD.

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