Security Administrator: Your Trusty Secret Keeper!

Do you spend sleepless nights worried that your colleagues at work might discover your private files on your computer? Does the thought of having your choice of internet sites discovered by your wife or kids fill you with dread? There are some things in life that are personal and meant to be no one else’s business. The Secret Administrator helps you keep your personal files private and confidential.

 With the Secret Administrator you can protect your computer from prying eyes and restrict access to the internet. This password-protected security utility assists you in imposing a variety of access restrictions on your PC, discouraging others from tampering with it. Using the Security Administrator you can prohibit access to single components of several Control Panel applications such as Netwok,Display, Printers, Passwords System and Internet Options etc.You can even disable your boot keys, DOS Windows, context menus, internet and network access and registry editing. Now you can hide those personal desktop icons, local network and USB drives, items on the Start menu and even the entire taskbar. Impressive is it not? 

By applying a password protection to Windows you can restrict other people’s access to running specific applications only. Great to keep kids from surfing inappropriate sites. These security restrictions can be applied to specific users or universally. The program interface is user friendly and is easy-to-use for both professionals and home users.

 Priced at $69, the Security Administrator privacy software comes with excellent online customer service.

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