Advanced Tracks Eraser Review: The Advanced Way to Erase Your Tracks

You have a spy in your house and it isn’t the CIA or KGB! It is your own computer. All your activities on the computer are stored in it’s hard disk. If someone gets their hands on your computer, they can see where you have surfed, the images and movies you have seen and all you have done on your computer. It isn’t easy to erase your tracks.

But now it is easy to do so. With the Advanced Tracks Eraser, you can find the ultimate solution to erasing your internet activities and traces of your activities on the PC. Not only does this app clean up your browsers cache, but also your cookies, history, recent document list and more. All this is done automatically.

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Privacy Control 2008.10.1.2

Perhaps you are unaware that every single activity of your computer is recorded. Whether you are running anti spyware or not doesn’t matter. Your computer always records it’s own activity. Who do you turn to for your privacy then? The answer is Privacy Control.

If someone has access to your computer and knows how to go about it, he can access your emails, your internet activity and more! The person doesn’t have to be a software king, even if they know the way around Windows, they can find out all this. This is why you need Privacy Control.
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Privacy Inspector Review: Your Privacy is Yours

On the internet and even using a regular computer, privacy is a major concern. There is always the danger of a snooping co-worker, inquisitive boss or a wife who wants to know where you have been on the internet. A mistake made here could mean problems at work and in your personal life. Finally the solution to your computer privacy is here with Privacy Inspector. 

A product of Efreesky Software, Privacy inspector lets you breathe easy as to your whereabouts and usage of your PC. It cleans up your tracks left by Windows, your browser and other programs as well. In addition it improves computer performance and saves disk space. There are many reasons why you should own a copy of Privacy Inspector.
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Privacy Defender Software Review: Protecting your Privacy!

Your personal activities on the internet or on your computer are no one’s business but your own. Privacy Defender ensures that it remains so and prying eyes are kept away. This software protects your computer against basic privacy threats and does a competent job of cleaning your system. Simple to use, the handy interface lets you clean files rapidly and access programs via the icon tray.

The clean up session can only be started once all browser windows have been closed. Apart from deleting your Internet Explorer history, cache and browser cookies, the Privacy Defender also removes DAT files that store your private information which is usually not possible without restarting the system. However the software lacks support for alternative Web browsers, something that its competitors offer.

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Privacy Guardian software Review: Hiding Secrets!

Do you spend sleepless nights worried that someone might discover your personal internet activities? Do you feel scared in accessing certain sites lest someone might come to know? Do you know that in spite of you deleting your personal items from your PC, a trace of them is still left behind? But now with the Privacy Guardian you can keep your secrets a secret! The Privacy Guardian is a fast and simple way to erase your internet activity and history traces that are stored in hidden files and browser of your PC. Read more…

History Sweeper 2.99 software Review: Keeping your secrets a secret!

Are you aware that your Windows keeps a hidden record of all your PC activities, including files you might have opened, emails you may have sent, and websites that you might have visited and even your private logins and passwords etc.?What you don’t know is that despite you taking steps to delete files, browser history, cookies, search terms etc., your PC keeps this information hidden and unseen. And what is even scarier is that this vital information is available to anyone who gains access to your PC, be it a colleague, employer or family member. This gives rise to not just privacy but also security concerns.

 The History Sweeper software does a deep, professional cleaning of your computer’s hard drive. It is quick, simple and easy-to-use and assures you a peaceful sleep knowing that your private activities and information are being well protected. The history of your activities that your PC maintains also impacts the speed of your computer, impinging upon valuable disk space. History Sweeper is a pro at maintaining programs, allowing more efficient mapping, saving storage space and improving the general performance of your PC in the Process.  Read more…

Mil Shield 6.3 Software Review: Protecting your Privacy!

You computer is like God.It knows everything. Sounds ridiculous? Trust me, it is true. Every time you watch a movie, view an image, surf the internet or open a document etc. your computer takes note of it. And it’s really easy for your wife, boss or kid to access this information on your computer because of the traces you leave behind. But Mil Shield 6.3 is the perfect way to maintain your privacy and delete all possible traces of your personal computer activities.

 Mil Shield allows you to work, browse or just entertain yourself with your computer without any concerns or fear. It supports automatic cleaning on Windows shutdown or startup and closing of Internet Explorer, selective cleaning up of  your internet browsing tracks( including history, cookies, index.dat files and temporary internet files), panic key(also known as boss key) and complete support for multiple user accounts. Read more…

Security Administrator: Your Trusty Secret Keeper!

Do you spend sleepless nights worried that your colleagues at work might discover your private files on your computer? Does the thought of having your choice of internet sites discovered by your wife or kids fill you with dread? There are some things in life that are personal and meant to be no one else’s business. The Secret Administrator helps you keep your personal files private and confidential.

 With the Secret Administrator you can protect your computer from prying eyes and restrict access to the internet. This password-protected security utility assists you in imposing a variety of access restrictions on your PC, discouraging others from tampering with it. Using the Security Administrator you can prohibit access to single components of several Control Panel applications such as Netwok,Display, Printers, Passwords System and Internet Options etc.You can even disable your boot keys, DOS Windows, context menus, internet and network access and registry editing. Now you can hide those personal desktop icons, local network and USB drives, items on the Start menu and even the entire taskbar. Impressive is it not?  Read more…

How to Hide My IP Address Online: Effective Ways on How You Can Keep Web Surfing Private

The information superhighway or what’s commonly known as the internet is now considered to be a necessity. It is something that people use to gain access to information, and it is also used to communicate with family, friends and business associates. Indeed, the internet can provide you with convenience and it can also make your life a little bit easier to live.

hide ip addressAlthough the internet can provide you with a lot of convenience, it is also a very dangerous place to visit. Because many people today uses the internet for shopping, banking and also for paying bills, criminals now found a way to steal from you using the very technology that provided you with convenience and one that made your life a little bit easier to live.

Identity theft is rampant nowadays and the internet is one of the leading tools that criminals use today to commit this crime.
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Smart Protector-Internet Eraser Software Review: Keep your secrets!

Do you spend sleepless nights wondering whether your wife or kid or boss might accidentally come across your private files on the computer? That they might discover what sites you have been surfing? Do you want to keep your secrets hidden? After all what you do and where you go is not anybody else’s business. The Smart Protector-Internet Eraser offers you the best privacy options and that too at just one click of the mouse.

 Now keep those prying eyes away and protect your personal data on all Windows systems, be it Internet Explorer, AOL, MSN, Netscape or FireFox. You can even erase files completely using this. If you choose the correct settings, you can use the computer and then leave it making it look as if it was never touched in the first place. Handy isn’t it! To make sure your internet tracks are well hidden, the Smart Protector-Internet Eraser erases files such as internet History, internet Cookies, temporary internet files, Index.dat files, IE start page, typed URLs, recent documents, files in the Recycle Bin and Windows Temporary folders etc.

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